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Kizingo™ owner Kiyah Duffey was running out of time. She had a revolutionary idea for a new child spoon - uniquely curved and ergonomically designed to easily fit into toddler’s hands for self-feeding - and needed the product by October 2015 in order to premier at a Las Vega Kids Expo. She had worked with a long list of designers and engineers who couldn’t actualize her vision. So she was referred to us, just 6 weeks before the expo.


Our challenge: create a unique child’s spoon through our 5 phases of design - design discovery, prototyping, implementation of design, engineering, and experimentation - in less than six weeks. We accepted, and succeeded.



In just over 1 month, we provided Ms. Duffey with a successful prototype of her idea, and this innovative spoon - named “Kizingo” - has since gained attention, winning national and international design awards. Kizingo™ has sold over 20,000 units, has several international distribution deals, and recently began a licensing deal with baby industry giant, Playtex®. With Kizingo™, eating has a new learning curve!

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