Brick x Mortar

Not your standard country club



BRICK x MORTAR is a boutique invitation-only social club located in the top two floors of a historic brownstone in the Downtown Minneapolis Warehouse District. The club is designed for a carefully curated group of influential members of the Minneapolis business community, philanthropists, arts and entertainment luminaries, professional athletes, educators, and entrepreneurs. A luxurious retreat, designed to be a home-away-from-home. Members are surrounded with a comfortable mix of homey familiarity peppered with exciting surprises and superb details around every corner.


Scope of Work:

Print Design
Brand Development
Marketing Strategy


UNDER Construction

The mark is constructed using a simple geometric grid harkening to the construction methods of a traditional brick and mortar building. The diagonal cuts add a sense of motion and lend the mark a modern edge. The mark comes in 2 variants: clean and one textured using the exposed brick from the site to give a sense of the actual space to every application.