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Ecigar Update

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E-Cigar, a conceptual product, fills a significant void in the electronic vaporizer market. It recognizes the need for an alternative to traditional cigars, an alternative that is unique, modern, and high-end.

Keeping in mind a specific user group, smokers, Joba was asked to create an E-Cigar that would persuade users  to transition from a traditional smoking experience to a more modern one.



Design research for E-Cigar included interviewing current cigar and vaporizer users. The research helped us develop the persona of an ideal E-Cigar smoker. Researching current market trends and manufacturing processes enhanced  the direction of product development. Once the design research was complete, we analyzed and compiled findings, gaining insights into the user group and product. The research outlined a creative vision that defined the E-Cigar we wanted to design.

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An ergonomically designed body makes the E-Cigar exclusive. Mod appearance of the smoking product is significant to this user group.  From the start, Joba was aware of this ergonomic and tactile demand.  Based on research and market insights, history of smoking trends, and E-Cigar users,  Joba created a product that connects with traditional cigar smokers as well as new audiences in the vaporizer market.

Thumbnail sketches paved the way for a design direction. Innovative Luma methods such as affinity clustering revised and refined ideas. With digital interventions and physical modeling, a form was developed. CAD models of the E-CIGAR further refined the shape and other components.  3D printing validated the design which led to the finalized CAD model, rendering, and animation of the E-Cigar.


A wave-like pattern forms the main body of the E-Cigar. It provides a comfortable grip and cooling channels for the battery that is located in  the center. Ventilated brass battery cover lets in adequate airflow throughout the underbody. An easy-to-read-and-move dial helps adjust the intensity of the experience, making for a smoother user interface.  3D coating of aluminum in gunpowder grey gives the E-Cigar a durable finish; it also enhances the grip.

Services incorporated in product design included:


— Strategy
— Ideation
— Design Development
— 3D CAD modeling
— Rendering and Animation