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Virginia Tech Alumni Win Silver in International European Product Design Awards® (EPDA®) 2017

BLACKSBURG, VA (April 10, 2017) - Joba Design has been named a Silver award-winner in the annual European Product Design Awards® (EPDA) for Kizingo’s flagship toddler spoon.

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This is the most recent of three awards received for the product designed by Joba, a design firm founded by Virginia Tech alumni Kevin Jones and Alex Barrette. The EPDA had over 500 product submissions from over 40 different countries around the world but found Joba’s design of the toddler spoon to be among the top performers in highly innovative and most effective in form and function.

The toddler spoon is designed to support the way kids instinctively hold utensils as they learn to eat. Kiyah Duffey, co-founder of Kizingo and  nationally recognized nutrition expert, envisioned the spoon after realizing that child-sized utensils are poorly designed for how kids actually hold them. The spoon’s design makes it easier for kids to successfully feed themselves which is critical for the development of healthy eating habits, according to research.

“We were approached by Kiyah, to create a spoon that would provide the ergonomic support and stability needed for children's small hands and developing motor skills,” said Kevin Jones, CEO of Joba Design. “Kiyah described a spoon that encompassed a curved design for the way kids want to use and hold utensils. This vision inspired the direction for the final design,” said Alex Barrette, COO of Joba Design.

The EPDA brings global awareness for good design practices and principles by inspiring international designers to create superior products and projects. The EPDA are juried each year by 10 distinguished jurists in the design industry and has over 20 categories such as home interior products; children products; outdoor and exercise equipment; packaging design; transportation and much more. Designs that were created within the last five years are eligible for awards.

The EPDA will host a Gala event Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at Parliament in Brussels, Belgium to celebrate this year's winners.

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