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JOBA DESIGN ACQUIRES blue mobius marketing


Blacksburg, VA (September 6, 2018): Joba Design Group (Joba), a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Blacksburg, Virginia announces the acquisition of Blue Mobius Marketing (Blue Mobius), a Blacksburg-based marketing and communications agency.

This strategic acquisition represents the ultimate creative collaboration as the exceptional design capabilities of Joba Design are combined with the extraordinary communication skills of Blue Mobius.

“The creatives of Blue Mobius are masters of copywriting, digital marketing strategy and meaningful social media marketing. This alignment is part of our brand strategy, as design and experience are at the center of both consumer expectations and new business opportunities,” said Joba CEO, Kevin Jones.

Caitlyn Scaggs, Founder of Blue Mobius said, “As a business leader I see it as my responsibility to be open to exciting opportunities as they present themselves. This is one such opportunity. I’m thrilled that our sustained growth and success made us a desirable acquisition for Joba.”

Joba Design now offers the total brand experience for current and future clients. “In today’s highly digital climate, good design and strong messaging are not enough. It is when stellar design pairs with compelling communications that brands are magnified,” said Jones.

No positions will be eliminated as a result of this acquisition. Rather, it is expected that positions will be added as growth is anticipated. “I’m honored that the leadership of Joba recognizes the quality, talent and expertise we have on the Blue Mobius Team,” said Scaggs.

Joba and Blue Mobius recently partnered on the rebranding efforts of the Children’s Museum of Blacksburg, now Wonder Universe. This public-facing project is a great success story and example of the impact Joba Design will continue to have as meaningful projects are addressed in a comprehensive manner across markets and verticals.

“We have a desire to not only serve the local community, but to continue to grow our budding national presence. This acquisition uniquely positions us to do so,” said Jones.

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About Joba Design Group

Joba Design, Inc. is an award-winning multidisciplinary design studio committed to being the best at making people's lives better. Designing experiences is their core strength, which they do through product design, environmental design and brand identity design services. Joba was founded in 2015 in Blacksburg, Virginia, home of Virginia Tech, and today their designs are being sold all over the world. For more information, visit

About Blue Mobius

Blue Mobius Marketing is a full-service marketing and communications agency located in Blacksburg. Recently named one of the best five places to work in Montgomery County, this agency places heavy emphasis on a “people first” paradigm for marketing, company culture, and organizational values. With a love for storytelling and creative expression, Blue Mobius represents both local and nationally reaching clients.

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