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Shattering Human Limitations


The canterzone

Steve Canter is a former college and high school football coach that has spent the last 4 years thriving in the private sector. Steve’s passion for developing people has impacted many of his former players, coaching and professional colleagues, and employees on his teams. Known for his ability to establish organic and transformational relationships; he has been able to raise the performance of others within every organization or team he has been associated with. The ability to consistently challenge others and help them strain their potential led to an annual “Run to Work” day where a group of people at all different fitness levels have participated in the 11 mile roundtrip run each of the last two years. A seasoned speaker with over 12 years of public speaking experience, Steve engages audiences of all sizes and leaves a lasting impact. Steve is a proud husband, brother, and father of two young boys.


Scope of Work:

Brand Development
Web Design

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Shattering the mold

Joba kept the original styling of the wordmark and restyled it into a more simplified package. The tagline "Shattering Human Limitations" has been removed and implemented in a literal way, breaking the wordmark down a diagonal which is implemented across the identity. The mark comes in both shattered and whole variations.