Who We Are




In an increasingly digital world people crave authenticity-- in connections, in creative services, and in experiences. At Joba, our human-centered and empathetic methodology inspires authentic and genuine connections between people, art, words, and products. 

Through impactful design and compelling communications, we provide the total brand experience to local, national, and international brands in order to reach audiences in a way that matters. 




Joba began as the brainchild of Industrial Designer, Professional Athlete, and current CEO, Kevin Jones. His dream: create a studio experience with a multidisciplinary team of talented individuals to solve design problems for brands, as well as develop in-house products.

Our past speaks to the strength of who we are and what we offer; our future speaks to bold and daring dreams. And today we’re ready to take charge.


Our Team


Joba is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of creatives ranging from Industrial Design to Business Development to Engineering. Scientific studies prove that working with a group of professionals ranging in skill sets, cultures, and experiences allow for more creativity and paradigm shifting solutions. Joba utilizes the immediate community of intellectual professionals along with connections in industry to create the ultimate multidisciplinary team.



We work closely with our clients to give a personal and dedicated experience every time. Hear from our clients about their projects, and see the significant local and national impact we have every day.




Our work is game-changing, innovative, pushing the standards of quality above and beyond. It’s an honor to be recognized for our exceptional work by local, national, and international bodies.